Back Off Brake Hold Module
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Back Off Brake Hold Module

Signal Dynamics


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Product Description

Keeps brake lights lit after you have released your brakes but are still decelerating; also keeps them lit while stopped

Features two modes: when brakes are applied, emits three short light flashes followed by one long flash (3.5 sec.) and repeats until acceleration or, when brakes are applied, emits five short flashes followed by a constant on until acceleration

Brake alert feature allows you to get the attention of someone behind you while the module is holding the brake lights on; press the brake and the lights will flash five times

Connects to bikes electronic speed pick-up sensor; will not work with cable-driven speedometers

Installs inline on the wire leading to the brake light; connect to a switched power source and ground wire, then tap a wire into speed sensor

Sealed, weather-resistant heat sink case

Runs from 12V power source at a max 10A

Measures 21/4in L x 15/8in W x 5/8in H

Made in the USA